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RSS now supports the team field of Jira Cloud. This integration enhances your workflow by seamlessly incorporating team information directly into your templates πŸš€
Exciting newsπŸŽ‰! We're delighted to unveil a significant enhancement to your issue management workflow within Our latest update is designed to offer you
more flexibility
with issue templates.
What's New:
Selective Issue Deselection
: Empowering users to tailor their issue templates with precision, we now offer the ability to deselect individual issues or entire hierarchies. Whether you need to omit a single task or an entire subtree, you have the freedom to customize your templates exactly as you need. πŸ”
Temporary Deselection:
Concerned about making lasting changes? Worry not! This deselection feature is temporary and applies only for the current use. Your deselected issues or hierarchies won't be included this time around, preserving the integrity of your template for future use. ⏳
This update puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to streamline your issue management process with ease. Craft your projects with efficiency and precision, ensuring that only the necessary elements are included.
πŸŽ‰ We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature -
Project Templates
! πŸŽ‰
With this latest update, administrators now have the power to create templates for projects based on various available schemes within Jira Cloud, such as issue type schemes, security schemes, and more.
Key Features
Template Creation
πŸ“ Administrators can now create templates for projects based on available schemes within Jira Cloud, including issue type schemes, security schemes, and more. This structured framework simplifies the project creation process.
Permission Flexibility
πŸ”“ Grant specific users or groups the ability to utilize templates and create new projects, eliminating the need for administrator permissions and empowering teams to initiate projects autonomously.
Customization Options
🎨 Tailor templates to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Administrators can configure template settings based on existing schemes, ensuring consistency and efficiency across projects.
Information and Instructions
ℹ️ Add helpful information or instructions to each template, guiding users on how to utilize specific templates effectively. This feature enhances user experience and promotes standardized project setup.
Scheme Descriptions
πŸ“‹ Administrators can provide individual descriptions for schemes and scheme types, improving usability for users. Clear and concise descriptions aid users in understanding the purpose and functionality of each scheme, facilitating informed decision-making during project creation.
Improved Workflow
πŸš€ With simplified project creation, teams can focus more on their core tasks and objectives, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Standardized templates promote consistency and reduce the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies across projects.
Empower your teams with enhanced project management capabilities using's Project Templates. Experience streamlined project creation and management like never before. Try it out today and unlock the full potential of your Jira Cloud instance!
Craving flexibility in issue linking? With's latest update, you can effortlessly create Issue Links to existing Jira issues directly within your templates. Whether it's linking to existing issues or within the same template, streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration with ease.
Try now to experience seamless issue linking in Jira Cloud! 🌟
Ps. Improve your templates by choosing a Reporter. Works as default and variable 😎
User Picker:
Seamlessly select users from your network with ease. Streamline collaboration and ensure accuracy in your templates by directly picking users.
Multi-User Picker:
Take collaboration to the next level! Now you can select multiple users simultaneously, making team-based projects a breeze.
Date Picker:
Stay organized and on schedule with our intuitive date picker feature. Effortlessly set dates for tasks, events, and deadlines with just a few clicks.
Radio Buttons:
Make decisions clearer and faster with radio buttons. Simplify choices and enhance user experience by providing clear options for selection.
Tired of the same old hierarchy levels in Jira? With Jira Software Premium or Enterprise, you have the freedom to manage and customize your issue hierarchies.
Now, aligns seamlessly with these custom hierarchy levels, empowering you to craft flawlessly tailored Issue Templates for Jira Cloud. Elevate your templating experience with the latest update! πŸš€
We are delighted to announce the arrival of
Tempo Account and Tempo Team Field support
to! Enhance your project tracking and resource management with these powerful new features. Effortlessly optimize your team's workload and stay on top of your projects with ease.
New Features
πŸš€ Introducing Epic Link Field Support:
The wait is over! We are thrilled to announce that now supports the highly requested Epic Link field. Seamlessly link your Issue Templates to epics, enabling you to streamline project management and organize your tasks with ease.
πŸ”’ Enhanced Consent Screen:
We made a significant improvement to the consent process. Administrators now hold the power to accept terms on behalf of the entire team. Say goodbye to repetitive acceptance prompts and enjoy a smoother onboarding experience for your users.
Bug Fixes
πŸ› Squashed some pesky bugs and resolved minor issues reported by our dedicated community. We appreciate your valuable feedback, which helps us deliver a better experience.
Make sure to update for the latest features and improvements.
We hope you enjoy these latest updates! As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.
Happy templating!
For more information, visit our Knowledge Base or sit back and relax while watching our video tutorial.
Enhanced Description Field: Introducing Support for Tables and Info Panels!
We're excited to announce that we now support tables and info panels within the description field of our templates. With this new feature, you can create visually engaging and informative descriptions by organizing content in tables and adding informative panels. Whether you need to present data, provide instructions, or showcase important details, the addition of tables and info panels gives you the flexibility to structure and format your information effectively.
Seamless Communication and Enhanced Documentation
The inclusion of tables and info panels enables you to improve communication and documentation within your templates. Present tabular data in a clear and organized manner, and utilize info panels to highlight key information, guidelines, or contextual notes. This enhanced description field empowers you to create comprehensive templates that provide all the necessary information for your team members or stakeholders.
Unlock the full potential of your templates with the support for tables and info panels, and elevate the quality and clarity of your project documentation and communication.
For more information, visit our Knowledge Base or sit back and relax while watching our video tutorial.
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Example Templates, a game-changer for your templating experience.
Say goodbye to starting from scratch! With our library of Example Templates, you can now explore and work with pre-designed templates that serve as a creative foundation, helping you kickstart your projects with ease. Choose from a diverse range of professionally crafted templates, customize them to suit your specific needs, and witness your ideas come to life in no time.
Embrace this exciting addition and unleash your creativity without the blank page syndrome!
For more information, visit our Knowledge Base or sit back and relax while watching our video tutorial.
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